New Teacher Interview: Mrs. Beilfuss

There are a lot of new faces at Oconomowoc High School this year. One of those new faces is Mrs. Beilfuss. Mrs. Beilfuss used to be an English Language Learners or “E.L.L.” teacher for all eight schools in the Oconomowoc Area School District. Mrs. Beilfuss now teaches five Spanish 2 classes and three Spanish 1 classes. One thing she says she likes about her new position is getting to work in the classroom instead of traveling to the different schools. Working at the high school, Mrs. Beilfuss has almost doubled her number of students, going from about one hundred to about two hundred students. She says she loves being able to teach students her first language, Spanish.

One of Mrs. Beilfuss’ interests outside of school is dancing. Mrs. Beilfuss has been dancing since she was three and originally went to the University of Tampa with a full ride scholarship for dance, which was her first major. Later on in her college career, she had to have surgery and lost her dance scholarship. After she lost her scholarship, she changed her major to Spanish Linguists at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. Mrs. Beilfuss says was never going to take AP Spanish in high school, but that it actually paid off in the long-run. Had one of her Spanish teachers not convinced to take the class, she would not have been able to get a scholarship when she switched majors without the class.

Mrs. Beilfuss is also the school’s new choreographer for their latest production, Footloose, and will be the choreographer for all upcoming Oconomowoc musicals. She is super excited to be able to teach both of her passions at OHS. Students say they don't only learn dance in rehearsal, but they also learn quite a bit of Spanish because she will shout out directions at them in the language, even if they have no idea what she's saying.

Her biggest piece of advice to all students at OHS is to “Take as much as you can in high school. Take every opportunity you can and be involved.” Don’t forget to say “Hola” to Mrs. Beilfuss if you ever see her in the halls and don’t forget come to see Footloose!

OconomowocElla Lenoach