Tips for Freshmen

1) Participate in as many clubs and activities as you can. Studies show that clubs can improve your grades, and colleges enjoying seeing youŕe an involved and well rounded student. Become active in sports, school clubs, and anything else that can support your career path.

2) Popularity should never be your first priority, A lot of students go into high school thinking of popularity as the main priority, but in the end after high school it will not matter who you hung out with.  It is good to have close friends who you can trust instead of being worried about popularity.

3) Enjoy it! High school is a learning experience for everyone. It is a time to find who you are and meet new people, so do as much as you can to get involved and enjoy your high school experience.

4) Turn your work in on time and don't procrastinate. I asked students for advice they would give to freshman and many students said to turn your work in on time because the longer you wait, the more you will procrastinate, and the more work you will have to do in the long run.

5) Be true to yourself and do what makes you comfortable. Never change yourself for anyone and stay true to yourself because if you don't know who you truly are you won't be happy in the long run.

6) Stay organized. Keep folders and notebooks separate for each class. A good way to know where everything is is by using mini post-it notes and color coding classes.

7) Don't be afraid to ask questions. High School is very important no matter what, but especially important if you want to get into the college of your choice! So don't be scared to ask questions because if you don't ask questions then you will never know what you’re learning. If you ask questions you will have a better understanding and you will get better grades., Just because you ask a question doesn't mean you´re dumb it means you are learning.  There is a high chance that a lot of students have the same question as you, and asking questions will benefit them as well.

Advice, CultureXavier Tremblay