Halloween (2018)

Written by guest author, Trevor Faith.

Halloween 2018 is a slasher horror taking place 40 years after the original Halloween movie. The plot of the original movie takes place in the year 1978 on Halloween night it starts with a 6-year-old Michael Myers murdering his older sister and being locked away for 15 years before escaping and returning home and murder his younger sister Laurie and anyone in his path. The end of the first movie Dr. Loomis Michaels mental doctor puts 6 bullets into Michael and over a balcony. In the original Michael escapes but it seems he was caught and readmitted for those 40 years. This movie was a call back to the original movie with many iconic scenes recreated. The movie had shown us many long takes as we follow Michael to his next bloody kill.

The reason this movie is so good because it brings it back to basics where his one goal is to kill Laurie Strode and her family. In this film is not going with the sibling's thing but they are two separate people. This movie to me wasn’t necessarily scary but rather like Star Wars: The Force Awakens that does tons of roll flips and introduces new characters.

I give Halloween (2018) or as I like to call it “H40” a thumbs up; it was a solid movie with a thrilling score that was playing safe and close to John Carpenter’s original film. I would definitely recommend seeing this film this Halloween!

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