Upcoming Choir Concert

Tuesday, October 30, at seven o’clock the OHS choirs have their first concert to kick off a full year of coral performances! You will see performances by Choraliers, Concert Choir, Golden Gals, Gold Vibrations, and part of the Footloose cast! When I asked choir director Mrs. Kauffeld how prepared she thought the choirs were, she said, “ We are ready!”

Mrs. Kauffeld says this is one of the later dates of a fall concert that she has done since teaching at OHS. She also said that one of the biggest challenges when preparing for this first fall concert was getting Golden Gals and Golden Vibrations ready , since they only have rehearsal once a week, and only four short weeks to prepare for this concert.

So, what songs are Golden Gals, Golden Vibrations, the cast of Footloose, and the other choirs singing? Each group performs their own set of songs and one group song between Choraliers and Concert Choir.

Choraliers will be singing the songs: “Jubilate Exsultate”, “Who Has Seen the Wind”, and “Let Freedom Ring.”

Concert Choir will be singing: “Tenting on the Old Campground”, “Singabahambayo”, “Flight Song”, and “Autumn Moon.”

Golden Gals will be singing: “Girls Just Want to Have Fun.”

Golden Vibrations will be singing: “Thank You for the Music.”

Concert Choir and Choaliers together will be singing: “For the Beauty of the Earth.”

Part of the cast from our upcoming musical Footloose will be singing: “Holding Out for a Hero.”

With those songs the choirs will be singing, there are also soloists. Some of whom are making their choir debut as this is their first year at the high school or in choir. Freshman Elyse Stenholtz, Josie Cargill, Dane Carey and Xavier Tremblay will be soloists on a the Latin piece- Jubilate Exsultate. Sophomores Lily Bolan and Jonah Mueller, Junior Kaley Poole and Senior Paul Nelson will be soloists on Tenting on the Old Campground, a song about the Civil War.

Mrs. Kauffled says she picked the music by thinking of many different things. “ First and foremost, I think about the skills and musical concepts I want to work on. I also think about significant historical events, cultures, languages, or literature that I want students to study, as well as the season we are presently in.”

Mrs. Kauffeld is expecting it to go amazing! “We are dedicating one of our songs to the volunteers and good samaritans that have helped with disaster relief in Wisconsin during the flooding as well as the states impacted by hurricanes during the late summer and fall. We are doing a fund drive with the Red Cross to continue the important work of offering help to those in need. We also have a couple of pieces that honor our servicemen and women as we anticipate Veteran’s Day.”

This choir concert is jam-packed with amazing music and sound. I think we should all be there to support OHS choir and the cast of Footloose. Don’t forget to save the date of Tuesday, October 30th, and come down to the concert to listen to great music and to pick up your tickets to Footloose!

Oconomowoc, The ArtsElla Lenoach