CooneyTech Robotics is Seeking New Members

I am Andrew Bok, one of the co-leaders of the robotics team here at OHS. I, on behalf of our team, would like to tell you why you may want to join robotics.

First off, our team is much more than just robots and STEM. Our team has four sections that people interested in STEM tend to join, which are design/CAD, mechanical, electrical, and programming. However, our team also has sections of the team that are geared towards students interested in business or arts. These sections are awards/outreach, business/marketing, and media/arts.

We meet Thursdays during pride in Mr. Jappinen’s room. During November and December, we usually meet two days each week, and let our new members get a little experience with each section of the team, and then allow them to pick a group and receive more in-depth training. Our build season then kicks off after winter break, in January. For those six weeks, we meet four days per week, plus saturdays. It can be a large time commitment, but we are very understanding for students who can only commit so much time due to other groups, a job, school work, or other things. If you are thinking about joining, try and get a friend to join with you!

Being involved with robotics provides many volunteer opportunities in our community, as well as an awesome way to expand upon what you are learning in your (primarily STEM) classes. Robotics is also a great experience for building things and functioning as a member of a large team. FIRST, the organization that operates our competition, calls robotics “The hardest fun you’ll ever have.”

By participating in FIRST Robotics you have access to approximately 80 million dollars in scholarship opportunities. Some schools, such as MSOE and Marquette, will give you a few thousand every year in college due to being a member of an FRC team in high school.

We would love new members to join CooneyTech, especially students who are interested in joining robotics for the non-STEM aspects of our team.

If you have any questions about robotics and/or joining, feel free to email me at, Sierra Boettcher, our other co-leader, at, or Mr. Jappinen at

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