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Interested in Young Life?

Young Life club (YL) meets every other Monday night from 7:29 - 9:00 behind the Picnic Basket in the old Lake Country School. This party with a purpose allows kids from the Lake Country area to build friendships and connect with each other. The night begins with a dance party and fun activities led by a group of Young Life leaders. The last 10 minutes of the meeting is spent on a simple message to show the group about God's love for them. Young Life was created to allow adolescents to connect with their peers and God while celebrating the life they were made for.

Polar Bear Weekend Retreat:

On November 16-18, Arrowhead and Oconomowoc kids in Young Life will meet up with Young Life kids from different schools at the Lake Geneva Youth Camp. Over those 3 days, there will be a ton of fun games, singing, and dancing with some of the hottest pop songs, and an opportunity to learn about the Bible. Don’t hesitate on coming if you’ve never even opened one, everyone is welcome to come and have lots of fun while learning!  All it costs is $150 which includes transportation, meals at camp, 2 nights of lodging, all the activities, and a t-shirt. This fun weekend will help you get to know the kids already involved in Young Life and meet lots of new people. A bus will depart from the Young Life office on Friday (November 16) at 7:00 pm and will return at around 1:00 pm on Sunday (November 18). Make sure you bring extra money, warm clothes, running shoes and anything else you need for sleeping. Signing up for this weekend will help you get early access to signing up for the summer camp. If you have any questions about Young Life or the Polar Bear Weekend retreat, feel free to contact the following people via email or in person:

Aubrey Berther

Katie Kindler

Oona Audley

Jacob Spear

Lindsey Mckain

Matt Mckain

As the Young Life website says, “Don’t miss out on the best weekend of November or possibly the best weekend of your life!”

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OHS Campaigners:

Interested in a more in-depth version? A campaigner is a small group of about 15 kids who meet every other Monday (the Mondays YL club does not meet). Click here for more information.

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