OHS to Rename Fieldhouse After Retired Coach

Following the OASD School Board’s approval, Oconomowoc High School is officially on its way to rename the fieldhouse after a former OHS coach. However, the coach in question is no ordinary man. Gale Douglas had been with OHS for more than two decades and officially ended his tenure with the purple and gold as its head wrestling coach. Douglas is revered throughout the community for his success and achievements in the OHS wrestling program, and the renaming of the fieldhouse in his name has become a more than 100,000 dollar project. Nearly ten OHS alumni have come together to create the Gale Douglas Naming Project Committee, and plan to spend 25,000 dollars on the official renaming this year. The leftover money is more than likely going to fund renovations on OHS’ current wrestling areas, and perhaps create more space for wrestlers. The remaining proceeds are likely going to be donated to various community ventures in the coming years.

This December, OHS Faculty are planning to host a dedication to the renaming of the OHS Field House into the “Douglas Field House”, along with a celebration of its tenth anniversary. If you’ve been paying attention, you might have already seen that Douglas’ name has already been embroidered on the south wall of the fieldhouse. More information is likely to be released in the coming weeks, so be sure to follow The O Spotlight to stay informed and up to date!

OconomowocZach Nienhuis