Packers Fire Mike McCarthy

Packers Head Coach Mike McCarthy was fired after a horrendous showing against the Arizona Cardinals.  McCarthy was fired late at Night on Sunday December 2nd, 2018 from the Packers. He had led them this season to a 4-7-1 record being 4-1-1 at home and 0-6 on the road, this season being the worst of his life.  McCarthy has been on the hot seat after last year for having an underdeveloped team after Aaron Rodgers was injured. Play calling has not been to par this season especially. With multiple third and fourth down miscalls this season in big games, Packer Fans began calling for his head.  

McCarthy, before the last two seasons, has led the Green Bay Packers to nine total playoff appearances, Eight straight from 2009-2016,with one other coming in 2007. He was hired in 2006 and never had a losing season until the 2017 season. McCarthy led the Packers to their First Super Bowl Victory in the 2010 season since 1996.  He led the Packers to a total of 6 NFC North Division Championships in 2007, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2016. Packer fans say that their team should have made it to at least two if not three more Super Bowls. The past two seasons haven’t had the best play calls but in two other NFC Championship Games, the play calls were costly to the Pack.  

What is next for Mike McCarthy is unknown. He is rumored to be heading to either the Browns or Jets.  The Packers named Offensive Coordinator Joe Philbin as Interim Head Coach. It will be interesting to see what direction is taken after the season is over.