200th anniversary of "Silent Night"

This Christmas brings the 200th anniversary of the classic Christmas hymn “Silent Night”. In 1818, “Stille Nacht” was written as a poem, which would later become “Silent Night.” This choral piece was written and composed by Joseph Mohr, an Austrian cathedral chorister and priest, along with Franz Xaver Gruber, who was an Austrian cantor and school teacher.

The story of the creation of this piece takes place on December 24, 1818 at Joseph Mohr’s church, St. Nikola Church. The church’s organ had been damaged, and Mohr decided that he needed something to replace it for the service that night. But Mohr didn’t just want the organ to be replaced, he was in need of something special for Christmas Mass. As such, Mohr called upon Gruber to accompany his poem with the stylings of a guitar.

Although “Silent Night” was originally written in German, it has now been translated into over 300 different languages. The duo created an impactful song that has been sung and celebrated for almost 200 years now.

The ArtsEmma Burger