Will the Brewers Win the Division?

As the end of the 2018, Milwaukee Brewers season approaches the big question is will this team be able to finish strong and make a playoff run.

As of September 12th, the Brewers stand two games back from the Chicago Cubs in the NL Central, with an 83-63 record. Many people continue to have doubts about the possibility of postseason life in 2018, but they continue to be in the lead for the wild card.

Christian Yelich is someone to thank for that. The MVP candidate is just shy of 30 home runs on the season, with a .316 batting average. He has been named player of the week numerous times in 2018 and has not failed to make Wisconsin proud. The trade for Yelich has worked out very well for the Brewers this year.

Although some of the trades we have acquired this season have fallen short of Christian Yelich, our trade with the Kansas City Royals has proved to be significant to our lineup. Twenty-nine-year old Mike Moustakas was traded for outfielder Brett Phillips and minor league pitcher Jorge Lopez. Moustakas batting average sits at .250 with 25 home runs this season. Within the same week, the Milwaukee Brewers also traded with the Baltimore Orioles for Jonathan Schoop. Schoop has not been a prominent figure in our lineup so far. He has failed to show the team that he has starting potential. Here and there Milwaukee has received pitchers throughout the season but only a couple have shown the flair we need.

With only 17 games left this season, the question is whether or not we will be involved in the postseason and how we will get there. My personal opinion, is that we will be involved, but we will get there with the wild card, rather than the division lead. My reasoning behind that is our consistency compared to the Cubs. They are able to be more consistent with their everyday players and their pitching rotation. For the most part, Milwaukee is able to stay consistent with everyday players but our pitching rotation does fall short.

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