Introducing the OHS Writing Lab

Writing is everywhere. The scripts of the shows we watch, the words of the messages we send, and even the descriptions of the foods we eat require the purposeful use of language through writing. Given that so much of the world is writing, a number of OHS faculty members and students have taken it upon themselves to support the student body into becoming better writers. To do this, we are planning to introduce a pride-based tutoring program dedicated to improving our writing called the OHS Writing Lab.


So, what would the OHS Writing Lab look like? Essentially, it would be like any other tutoring lab in the sense that if a student or a student’s teacher wants to see improvement in his/her writing, they can sign up and attend a pride session. However, it will not be limited to just students in need of improvement. Students that want to hone their writing skills or have a paper of theirs edited will find a warm welcome at the OHS Writing Lab.

What’s more, the OHS Writing Lab will not just be limited to English students. Because writing is everywhere, the OHS Writing Lab will be open to any students that need a place to better their written work. Whether it’s a research paper for a science-based class, an argumentative essay for a social studies/history-based class, or even a justification paragraph for a mathematics-based class, you can believe tutors at the OHS Writing Lab will be more than happy to assist you.    

If you have any questions/suggestions about the program, feel free to email us at We are hoping to get the OHS Writing Lab up and running by the week of November 5th at the start of Term Two, and any feedback/questions from students or faculty would be much appreciated!

Academics, OconomowocZach Nienhuis