Top 12 Songs My Dad Listens To

Mullets, painter pants, and jazzercise. Just a few trends that my dad grew up with as he spent his time at Oconomowoc High School from 1980 to 1984. In the thick of one of the most revolutionary decades, not only in music but also politics, T.V, and technology. My father was in his room listening to U2 with not a single worry in the world. Even though there is much that has happened since 1981. Thirty years later, kids are still listening to music and staring at their ceiling


12.) Age of Consent

Artist: New Order

Album: Power, Corruption and Lies                                    

An 80s alternative classic, this song holds the number 12 spot with a hard bass line and melodic guitar licks. Age of Consent is about a relationship ending but he nor his partner wants to be the one to end it. Its melancholy feel gives a happy yet sad meaning to the song.

11.) You are a Tourist

Artist: Death Cab For Cutie

Album: Codes and Keys

Death Cab for Cutie is an alternative indie band that has been around since the early 2000s. Death Cab has a chill vibe with several grammy nominated albums. You are a tourist has the band's signature off kilter drum beat and Ben Gibbard's abstract lyrics.

10.) Blue Moon

Artist: Beck

Album: Morning Phase

Blue Moon is on Becks 2014 grammy winning album of the year, Morning Phase. This song was written, recorded and produced by Beck, creating a lush and flowing song that has praised reviews.

9.) Fadeaway

Artist: Bodeans

Album: Love, Hope, dreams

Coming from Waukesha, the Bodeans made it big in the late 80s. Fadeaway is on there fourth most commercially successful album. Starting out with am irresistible guitar riff, the Bodeans make a classic roots rock song all within one recording session.

8.) Always

Artist: Panama

Album: Always

Keeping a dream pop sort of genre to it, the first part of the songs starts with a slow introduction as the slow piano comes over Jarrah McClearys voice. Amassing over 100 million streams, McCleary is a singer, producer and multi instrumentalist.


7.) Kiss Off

Artist: Violent Femmes

Album: Violent Femmes

Hailing from Milwaukee the Violent Femmes are considered a folk punk band. Their songs consist of weird instruments, loud vocals, and bizzare lyrics that sound different from any band in the 80s.


6.) Driving To Hawaii

Artist: Summer Salt

Album: Driving To Hawaii

A rising surf rock band that has been getting more and more of a following as the year goes on. Summer Salt, originating from Austin, Texas, is a fantastic and vibey band. Their smooth guitars and in the pocket drumming gives you a summer feeling. Driving to Hawaii is a simple surf song that is enjoyable to anyone.


5.) Red Hill Mining Town

Artist: U2

Album: The Joshua Tree

One of the most popular and successful albums of the 1980s. The Joshua Tree is a complete album that holds your attention throughout every song. Red Hill Mining Town is the sixth track on the record with a deep and inspiring feeling to the song.


4.) Buttercup

Artist: Hippo Campus

Album: Landmark

Buttercup is an upbeat and likable song about the highs and lows of childhood. The song hits a high and low point perfect for jamming to with a catchy guitar riff and great hook.


3.) This Charming Man

Artist: The Smiths

Album: The Smiths

Debuting in 1984, This Charming Man was the second single off the record becoming overall one of the most popular Smith songs to date. The quick tempoed song and fun lyrics share a catchy and likable ora to the song.

2.) Boy

Artist: Ra Ra Riot

Album: Boy- EP

A old indie song from the early 2000s, Boy is a fast paced song with an intoxicating drum beat mixed with strings. As Ra Ra Riot evolves by the year their sound slowly fades away from the original catchy and string filled songs.


1.) Harborcoat

Artist: R.E.M

Album: Reckoning

One of the first alternative bands to master the genre, R.E.Ms second album, Reckoning, is a fantastic album. The great riff, the steady beat, and Michael Stipes still incomprehensible lyrics make it a terrific song.

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