Tiger Woods Update

Sunday September 23rd, Tiger Woods roared once more. It has been 5 years since Tiger Woods has won any major championship. His final round of the match coverage drew a 5.21 overnight rating, which was a 206 percent growth from the same event last year. This event was the highest-rated non-major of the PGA Tour season and the biggest audience ever to watch a FedEx Cup playoffs event, which began in 2007. This event is important to the sports industry because it was been years since Tiger Woods name has received publicity like this. Not only was this win a big for Woods, but was also for broadcasting agencies. Their users streamed 18.4 million minutes of the final round on NBC's digital platforms, a 561 percent increase over 2017. Branding and receiving endorsement deals will be easier for Woods after a win like this.

Sports, ProfessionalAbbygael Taylor