Letter of Introduction

Greetings Oconomowoc Community,     

While there are indeed many ways for OHS students to express themselves and stay informed on the happenings of the world around them in the Oconomowoc or Lake Country area, we have found that is still quite difficult for students to do either in a convenient, streamlined manner. As such, we took it upon ourselves to create a platform where students can not only keep their peers and fellow community members up to date on the latest news, but also create content such as videos, stories, and artwork of their own to share and discuss with others. Naturally, we called this platform The Oconomowoc Spotlight because it gives everybody a chance to ‘spotlight’ their talents and ideas, all in an inclusive and community oriented space. But enough introduction, let’s give you a general rundown about The Oconomowoc Spotlight or, as we like to call it, The O!

Who: The O is a coalition composed of diverse, driven, and dedicated Oconomowoc High School students whose collective aim is to help better Oconomowoc through passionate journalism and creative expression.

What: We will have news, reviews, opinion pieces, podcasts, videos, fiction, short stories, and much, much more! Never hesitate to ask an O member if you thinks there’s something missing on our platform.

When: Starting this Fall, every weekday there should be new content from us! Whether it is two page breaking news, a ten page history, or a five word tweet, our staff’s dedication is evident in everything we publish, whenever we publish. Just check our website or our social media pages to see when new content is posted!

Where: We will have a website located at www.theOspotlight.com. We will be all over social media follow us @theOspotlight on twitter, instagram, Youtube, and Facebook. Don’t hesitate to ask any members of The O about it, too!

Why: One of the driving forces behind the creation of The O was to create a platform where students could go to be informed about things going on in the world around them. Before, students would have to rely on all sorts of outlets to get the information they needed, if they even bothered to look for the information at all. But now, because of The O, students will no longer have to waste their time surfing through the internet to read up on the latest on-goings in the community and the world. They can find articles about all sorts of things written by the very people they can trust the most--their peers. And above all, we’ve created The O to let students express themselves. Whether it is through investigative reporting, fictional short stories, or exciting new podcasts, The O will be able to give students a safe and well-monitored platform to let their creativity and passion flow.   

So without further ado, we welcome you to what we hope is a bold pursuit of information and the free expression of ideas!

-The Oconomowoc Spotlight Editorial Staff

CreativeThe O Spotlight