East Campus Renovations

Updated regularly by Oconomowoc High School’s principal, Jason Curtis, we have been granted an opportunity to expand our learning opportunities with a new additions to the school: East Campus and renovated areas in the Main Campus. As we have been informed, this has opened the additional amount of space needed to boost our Career and Technical Education programs, and make way for more classes and learning experiences in the future.

The Oconomowoc East Campus construction began last year. Now that the project is mostly finished, the student body, staff members, and community members alike have been granted the amenity of “flexible classroom space relief” and new “Center for Advanced Professional Studies courses, also known as CAPS.” Some teachers have moved their classes to East Campus as well. As of right now, the East Campus staff is made up of Mr. Zietlow, Mr. Ruhmour, Mrs. Staus, Mr. Jensen, Mr Dahl, Mrs. Hopkins, Mr. Schueller, Mr. Krill, and Mrs. Bukal.

What’s more, students will now have a recently paved pathway for an easy commute between East and Main campus. The path is located between the tennis courts and the ProHealth Oconomowoc Memorial Hospital. The path will have lights, security cameras, and umbrellas for the walk, should it be raining between passing period. Beyond that, plenty of new space for the already booming learning environment at Oconomowoc’s Main Campus will allow students to participate in new Computer Science and Manufacturing programs, as well as a new Automotive program; all will be available next fall.

Updates from OHS even noted that the expansion of both campuses has created enough “space given our increase in enrollment,” and as Principal Curtis noted, “the physical appearance of our school will set a tone of professionalism, high expectations, and unity.” The renovations of Oconomowoc High School and building of our East Campus has created the amount of space that will allow the students and faculty to grow not only in an academic sense, but in a familial and unified sense as well.

OconomowocEmma Burger