My Sophomore Year Broken Down

My Sophomore Year Broken Down


My name is Julia Banner and I am going to be a Sophomore this year at OHS. This year I plan on writing articles that break down my life as a sophomore. To start I want to talk about freshman year a little.

Starting freshman year I was worried that high school would be scary. The high school seemed so much bigger than Silver Lake. There were also so many people I did not know yet. I learned very quickly that high school really is not all that scary. I would say that one thing I am happy about for this school year is being done with freshman year. I do not mean this in a bad way, but it is nice to have knowledge about how the school works instead of learning everything as the year goes by.

One thing I am looking forward to this year is getting involved with more clubs.I want to stay in Student Council and join clubs like DECA. I am excited to start writing articles for the O-Spotlight because I think it will be a great way for students to update others on what is going on in the school. Being a member of these clubs not only gets you involved in with the school, but looks great to teachers and colleges. They are a great way to make friends and stay productive.  Being a part of clubs made freshman year more enjoyable and interesting.

During the year I look forward to high school soccer season. Last year, I was part of the JV soccer team and grew close to my teammates. My teammates became some of my good friends. Many of the friendships made during sports expand beyond the field.  Soccer definitely made my freshman year more enjoyable. Plus, the spring season gave me something to look forward to as the year came to an end.

One thing I am worried about this year is finding time for everything. I have learned that juggling academics, sports, extracurriculars, family, friends, and possibly a job can be a difficult task. By becoming more involved I am going to have to learn how to manage my time very well. I think writing things down is a good start to becoming more organized and managing time. I will also need to learn to use any time I can find for homework.

Fun things I look forward to during the year are sporting events like football games and basketball games. In addition, I enjoy the school dances. Another thing that makes sophomore year exciting is being able to get my license. I know this is an exciting part of sophomore year for just about everybody. As I start my second year of high school,  I want to remember to enjoy my time as a high schooler. If freshman year taught me anything, it is that time goes by very fast and you need to enjoy this time while you have it.

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